We provide comprehensive audiology services for a wide variety of complicated hearing and vestibular problems. Complete diagnostic services are available that include all behavioral and physiological measures related to the hearing organs, including the most advanced auditory evoked potentials and vestibular function measures.

Audiological Tests

1. Audiological Screening

2. Pure Tone Audiogram (PTA)

3. Speech Audiometry

  • Speech Detection threshold
  • Speech Recognition Threshold
  • Word Recognition Scores

4. Free Field Audiometry

5. Tympanometry and Auditory Reflex Testing

6. Eustachian Tube Assessment

7. Cochlear and Retrocochlear Tests ( Tone Decay, Reflex Decay, UCL and ABLB)

8. Tinnitus Evaluation- loudness and Pitch Evaluation

9. Screening of Neonates for hearing

10. Auditory Evoked Potentials (ABR ) (a) Threshold Tracking (b) Site of Lesion

11. Oto Acoustic Emissions

12. Hearing Aid fitting for Adults and Children

13. Cochlear Implant Mapping for Advanced Bionics, Med El and Cochlear

Vestibular Assessment

1. Video Nystagmography (V.N.G)

2. Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential ( V.E.M.P)

3. Video Head Impulse Test (VH I T)

4. Positional Tests (a) Dix Hallpike Testing (b) Head Roll testing and the respective repositioning exercises Epley Maneuver and Barbecue Maneuver

5. Head Shake Testing with the goggles

6. Electro Cochleography (ECochG)

7. Posturography

8. Vestibular Rehabilitation