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Here you can learn more about the various services, specialties of each department offered at Al Zahra Medical Centre.

Orthopaedics & Physiotherapy

Perhaps one of our busiest clinics at Al Zahra Medical Center, it offers a wide coverage for traumatic and non-traumatic Orthopaedic problems & treatments such as:

  • Fracture fixation (arms, legs, shoulders, wrists, ankles……etc.)
  • Spinal procedures for disc problems, i.e. Micro discectomy (the removal or repair of intervertebral discs through tiny incisions).
  • Total joint replacement operations for knees , shoulders and hips.
  • Arthroscopic surgery for the knee, shoulder and ankle.
  • Sports medicine injuries e.g. : treatment of anterior cruciate ligament of the knee through arthroscopic repair.

In addition, laser techniques are planned to be introduced in the very near future.


OUR qualified and experienced physiotherapists provide physical therapy to support the Orthopaedic clinic, as well as other departments and outside referrals. The department is equipped with advanced machine and equipment such as:

  • Diathermy, "electrically induced heat" and is commonly used for muscle relaxation. It is also a method of heating tissue electromagnetically or ultrasonically for therapeutic purposes in medicine.
  • Ultrasound device which is high frequency sound waves used for therapeutic purposes e.g.: reduce inflammation, swelling and calcium deposits, create a deep heat to a localized area to ease muscle spasms, and reduces nerve root irritation……..etc.
  • Interferential therapy (peripheral nerve stimulation). IFC uses the transcutaneous application of alternating medium-frequency electrical currents, amplitude modulated at low frequency for therapeutic purposes. It helps remove damaged tissue and bring nutrients necessary for healing to the injured area, relaxation of muscle spasms can be achieved through external application.
  • Laser: is light amplification by stimulated emission radiation. The biological effect of cool lasers is based on photochemical processes resulting from the resonance interaction of light with absorbing molecules. It decreases inflammatory edema, and increased healing response of fractures
  • Reasonable equipped gymnasium for post- operative rehabilitation.

Besides treating musculo-skeletal problems, the physiotherapists also undertake the assessment and rehabilitation of stroke victims, respiratory disorders, and the formulation of exercise programs.

The scope of physiotherapy services are as follows

1. Musculoskeletal

  • Pain relief
  • Post op rehabilitation

2. Cardiopulminary rehabilitation

  • Respiratory-post -operative cardio-thorascic Rehab

3. Paediatric rehabilitation
4. Neuro rehabilitation
5. Uro - Gynae rehabilitation
6. Geriatric rehabilitation
7. Lymph- edema Therapy

Manual lymphedema therapy by female physio