Dr. Manoja Widanagama

Dr. Manoja Widanagama completed Degree of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Ruhuna, Faculty of Medicine, Sri Lanka

Dr. Manoja Widanagama’s work experience spans 7 years in various international hospitals in Sri Lanka and UAE namely as an Intern house officer in Teaching Hospital Karapitiya; Intern house officer in Teaching Hospital, Mahamodara; General Practitioner in Teaching Hospital, Mahamodara and General Practitioners – Emergency Medicine in Base Hospital, Tangalle.

Dr. Manoja Widangama’s areas of expertise are Accident and Emergency Medical treatment, Minor surgical procedures including suturing wounds, taking biopsies and removal of foreign in bodies from ears, eyes and wounds, providing care for patients in hospital wards and outpatient clinics and assisting in operating theaters in obstetrics and gynaecological procedures.

Dr. Manoja has attended several international conferences and seminars.

Dr. Manoja speaks English and Sinhalese.