Dr. Mohamad Abdulkader Karima

Dr. Mohamad Karima completed MD (Internal Medicine) from Damascus University, Syria and has completed Syrian Board in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Mohamad Karima’s work experience spans 30 years in various international hospitals in Middle East namely as General Physician in Military Hospital, Harasta, Resident in the Department of Internal Medicine in Damascus Countryside Specialized Hospital, General Physician, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia, Resident Doctor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Damascus Hospital. He also has experience as a Specialist, Internal Medicine in Military Harasta Hospital, Damascus and as an Internal Medicine Specialist in Qalamoon Hospital, Syria.

Dr. Mohamad Karima’s area of expertise includes General Medicine and special interest in Cardiology and Gastroenterology.

Dr. Mohamad Karima has attended several international conferences and seminars.

Dr. Mohamad Karima speaks English and Arabic.