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  • The echo cardiographer are responsible for preparing patients and diagnostic  equipment for procedures.
  • Explain procedure to patient
  • The echo cardiographer helps physicians interpret the data from the images and determines, which should be saved.
  • Coordinate with billing team for efficient and smooth flow of required information and coordination with insurance staff approval for procedure
  • Follow established departmental policies, procedures and objectives continuous quality improvement objectives and ensure pharmacy staff compliance.
  • Follow MOH rules and regulations.
  • Maintain all kinds of Procedure related records.
  • Monitor the nearing expiry/expired items in order to dispose them according to the policy.
  • Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
  • Maintain the computerized system to monitor and update the stock level in the assigned area.


  • Bachelors/Diploma in Cardiac Technology 
  • Min 3 years of experience
  • Valid MOH/DHA License


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CSSD Technician

  • Candidate should have completed 2 years of certified CSSD Technician course with minimum 2 years of experience
  • Candidate should be skilled in receiving, handling, washing, sorting, checking, autoclaving and delivering all sorts of packs and instrument to be used in the whole hospital.
  • Candidate should have valid Ministry of Health (MOH) license.
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  • Supervise the dietitians and ensure the completion of the daily tasks.
  • Encourage dietitians to maintain continuous development and medical education.
  • Encourage communication amongst employees and head of department.
  • Encourage and follow up on continuous improvement.
  • Accomplish administrative duties.
  • Select and train the staff.
  • Encourage dietitians to participate and provide feedback in all activities related to hospital policy, departmental improvements, and staff development.


• Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills including negotiation skill and report /submission skills.
• Supervise the daily work of dietitians and make sure that they are completing their duties.
• Being available at all times for support and conflict resolution.
• Demonstrate high standard of organizational skills.
• Accomplish tasks and prioritize work even when working under stress.
• Keep the higher management informed about the activities, difficulties being faced, meetings, and plans of the department.
• Act as a liaison between the employees and the management.
• Seeking continuing education by attending conferences and workshops.
• Create a dynamic environment where employees are encouraged to express their opinions and concerns.
• Thrive to provide all staff with the necessary support and resources enabling them to develop their skills and experiences.
• Sharing new and up to date information with the team.
• Communicate decisions and recommendations to the team of dietitians.
• Being responsible for the advancement of dietitians and the department as a whole.
• Evaluate the Dietitian’s competencies and discuss with them areas of improvement.
• Work in a multidisciplinary team to provide patients with the best nutrition care.
• Assess patient’s nutritional status, develop nutrition care plan, suggest recommendations to nurses and physicians.
• Provide nutritional counseling to patients (inpatients and outpatients) and their caregivers to achieve desired changes in eating habits.
• Provide patient with nutrition education based on their medical condition and their level of education and apprehension
• Document appropriately in the medical record and ensure patient confidentiality.
• Treat patients and their families with respect and dignity.
• Demonstrate the ability to communicate and educate patients from different cultural backgrounds.
• Ensure that all the activities of the department abide by the hospital policy.
• Coordinate with the Food Service Department to create selective menus suitable for patients’ medical conditions and preferences.
• Assist in reviewing and updating patient education material.
• Assist in orienting and in-servicing new employees to the department.
• Plan and monitor enteral feeds and oral feeds.
• Follow up with inpatients and outpatients when necessary to make sure that their needs are met.
• Understand and comply with health and safety policies.
• Work collaboratively and communicate appropriately with physicians, staff.


  • Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics OR  Master of Science in Human Nutrition
  • 7 years of experience


• Ministry of Health or Dubai Health Authority


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Assisting the Endoscopy Procedures, arranging necessary items & appointments for different diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy procedures according to the Gastroenterologist.


• Manage endoscopy procedure scheduling. (Emergency Procedures).
• Arrange the endoscopy room for procedure & make sure there are no errors and that they're appropriate and safe for the individual patient.
• Perform all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
• Prepare Endoscopes and Accessories.
• Assist in  Diagnostic Procedures like;
• Oesophago Gastroduodenoscopy.
• Colonoscopy
• Flexible Sigmoidoscopy.
• Bronchoscopy.
• Assist  Therapeutic Procedures like;
• Esophageal Varicel Banding, Sclerotherapy Injection
• Polypectomy- Upper / Lower GI Scopy.
• Balloon dilatation for strictures.
• Hemo\ - Sclerotherapy, Argon Plasma Coagulation, Hemoclip.
• Foriegn Body Removal.
• Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy.
• Gastric Ballon Insertion.
• Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography- Cannulation, Sphincterotomy, Stone Extraction, Stricture Dilatation, Stone Crushing, Stending.
• Biopsy, CLO test, and H Pylori Culture test.
• Patient Positioning.
• Prepare of ERBE Machine.
• Prepare of Water Irrigation System.
• Disinfect & Store of Endoscopes and Accessories.
• Maintain records for the Disinfection and Culture of Endoscopes and ETD Machine.
• Patient data – Uploading and printing using Endobase Software.
• Maintain Endoscopic Accessories Store Record.
• Prim of ETD machine and ERBE Machine.
• Ensure the maintenance and proper operation of equipment and supplies in the work areas.

• Treat patients and their families with respect and dignity. Identifies and addresses psychosocial, cultural, ethnic and religious/spiritual needs of patients and their families. 
• Demonstrate ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions and deal with several abstract variables.


Bachelor Degree or Diploma in Endoscopy Technology

Two year as Endoscopy Technician in Hospital


Valid Ministry of Health License

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Interprets physician prescriptions and medication orders. Acts as a drug information resource to patients, medical staff, nursing staff and ancillary department personnel.


1. Check outpatient/inpatient prescriptions to make sure there are no errors and that they're appropriate and safe for the individual patient.
2. Reviews prescriptions issued by physicians or other authorized prescribers to assure accuracy and determines formulas and ingredients needed.

3. Monitor all posting onto the patient profiles in order that accuracy, drug allergies, drug interactions, duplicate therapy, rational drug therapy and incompatibilities may be realized and better patient care received.

4. Perform all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.

5. Provide information to physicians, nurses, patients and other healthcare professionals on the appropriate use of medications, drug interactions, side effects, dosage and storage.

6. Assist in teaching programs (departmental, medical, nursing, community).

7. Ensure the maintenance and proper operation of equipment and supplies in the work areas.

8. Understand that there are dosage variations between newborn, pediatric, adult and geriatric patients and knows where to find appropriate information.

9. Treat patients and their families with respect and dignity. Identifies and addresses psychosocial, cultural, ethnic and religious/spiritual needs of patients and their families.

10. Assist the Chief of Pharmaceutical Services on special assignments.

11. Assist the Chief of Pharmaceutical Services with responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s mission, policy and any applicable laws.

12. Demonstrate ability to apply mathematical operations to such tasks as dosage calculations, formulation of pharmaceutical preparations and data analysis.

13. Demonstrate ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions and deal with several abstract variables.
14. Answer questions about medicines from within the hospital, other hospitals and the general public.

15. Follow insurance companies’ policies and procedures.
16. Follow MOH rules and regulations.
17. Monitor the nearing expiry / expired items in order to dispose them according to the policy.
18. Responsible for completion of third-party insurance forms and other paperwork.
19. 24 hours coverage duty to cover emergency department needs of urgent medicines.
20. Assure the accuracy of every prescription processed.


Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy
Two years as a pharmacist or relevant clinical experience or an equivalent combination of relevant education and experience.


Valid Ministry of Health License

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We are looking for female Anaesthesia Technician with MOH and Minimum 2 years of experience and the below will be the dutes and responsibilities:

~~• Help and facilitate for smooth conduct of Anaesthesia in the operating rooms.
• Assist Anaesthetists with Anaesthetic procedures.
• Prepare appropriate Anaesthesia supplies and equipment for cases and re-spond to emergency situations promptly and appropriately.
• Demonstrate knowledge and consideration of age specific issues relating to meeting the needs of patients of all ages from birth to geriatrics.
• Consistently monitor, order and follow supply levels of medication, store supplies and special order items and is reliable.
• Assist Anaesthesiologists with their needs of difficult intubation regional blocks placing lines and administration of Anaesthesia in satellite area.
• Maintain up-to date knowledge and ensure compliance with all regulatory and professional standards of care.
• Exemplify the company’s vision, mission and values.
• Respect patient’s right to confidentiality.
• Personally accept responsibility for client service.
• Understand and work according to corporate policies and procedures.


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We are looking for Radiographer with MOH and MRI experience with the below JD:

• Ensure the safety of patients, staff and visitors who come in contact with the powerful magnetic field of a MRI scanner. Conduct screening interviews of patients to identify contra-indications, such as ferrous objects, pregnancy, prosthetic heart valves, cardiac pacemakers, tattoos or any other contraindicated device. Complete and sign patient screening form.
• Explain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures to patients, patient representatives, or family members. Answer to patients' questions as fully as possible and provide emotional support. Take brief medical histories from patients.
• Position patient and coils on a table that slides inside the MRI scanner.  Attach immobilization devices if needed, to ensure appropriate placement for imaging.
• Maintain patient care, comfort and safety during transport to and from the scanner and during the exam. Provide headphones or earplugs to patients to improve comfort and reduce unpleasant noise.
• Select appropriate imaging techniques or coils to produce required images based on the clinical indication provided by the physician and the patient.  Inspect images for quality required by the supervising Radiologist.
• Inject intravenously contrast dyes, such as gadolinium contrast, in accordance with scope of practice under guidance of supervising Radiologist. Guide and monitor patients during scans that may take up to 60 minutes to complete. Recognize and respond to life threatening situations.
• Coordinate the scheduling and patient flow in MRI.
• Routinely check scanners and related equipment. Troubleshoot technical issues related to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner or peripheral equipment, such as monitors or coils. Ensure proper functioning and performance of the equipment in accordance with specifications.
• Follow all safety procedures for self, patients and machinery.
• Maintains technical competency through continued education and participation in advanced MRI training programs.

The right candidate should have minimum 2 years of experience in MRI and / or CT in a tertiary hospital environment.

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• Meets patient’s goal and needs and provides quality care by conducting pulmonary function tests (with or without bronchodilator  challenge, DLCO, IOS, Body Plethysmography) determining respiratory therapy treatment plans in consultation with physicians and by prescription.
• Evaluating exhaled nitric oxide measuring the breath test for asthma or other inflammation
• Performing exercise oximetry determining the degree of oxygen desaturation and/ or hypoxemia that occurs in excretion
• Administers respiratory therapy treatments by performing bronchopulmonary drainage, assisting with breathing exercises, monitors physiological responses therapy, such as vital signs and arterial blood gases, directing treatments given by aides, techniques and assistants
• Bronchoscopy & Throracoscopy assistance
• Performing Polysomnography (Sleep Study) to diagnose sleep disorders, recording the brain waves, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and breathing as well as eye and leg movements.
• Performs Skin Prick Test to check for immediate allergic reactions to as many as 37 different substances as once. To identify allergies to pollen, mold, pets, dander, dusts mites and foods.
• Evaluating cardiopulmonary system by performing cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET)
• Patient education and assistance during Xolair & Nucala treatment administration
• Maintains patient confidence and protects hospital operations by keeping information confidential
• Maintains safe & clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations
• Protects patients and employess by adhering to infection – control policies and protocol
• Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirement, following manufacturer’s instructions, troubleshooting malfunctions, calling for societies
• Develops respiratory therapy staff by providing information, developing and conducting in service training programs
• Complies with federal, states and local legal certification requirements by studying existing and new legislation, anticipating future legislation, enforcing adherence to requirements, advising management on needed actions
• Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related result as needed.


  • Bachelor degree / Diploma in Respiratory Therapist.
  • Three years as a Respiratory Therapist or relevant clinical experience


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