Al Zahra Hospital Osteoporosis Prevention Program featured in Seha Al Watab Magazine

Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah conducted Internal CME on “Thyroid & Diabetes” by Dr. Nawal Ibrahim, Consultant, Endocrinology on 02nd April, 2019

Seha Al Watab featured Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah’s efforts in creating awareness & prevention of Osteoporosis to the residents of Sharjah. The awareness for Osteoporosis was conducted in more than 30 corporates which included 20 lectures delivered and 4000 clients screened within the last quarter.

The article also mentions that the Osteoporosis program will continue for the upcoming quarter to build awareness amongst the community.

The Osteoporosis program was initated by Dr Essam Amer, Corporate Business Manager on behalf of Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah’s awareness programs amongst the community.