Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah launched the AZEEL project on 25th August 2019. Following are the highlights of the program:

Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah launched  the AZEEL project on 25th August 2019. Following are the highlights of the program: Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah launched  the AZEEL project on 25th August 2019. Following are the highlights of the program:


Saving electricity and water not only improves our bottom line and help us reduce our operating costs, it also significantly reduces our carbon footprint and enhances our corporate image as a responsible business that cares for the environment. Reducing energy use, requires planning, persistence, ongoing benchmarking and staff buy-in from all levels

Implementing AZEEL

AZEEL stands for Al Zahra Energy Efficiency Leaders and will be implemented as detailed below:

Understanding the importance

The backbone of any energy-saving initiative is the staff. Saving electricity is everyone’s responsibility, and can only be effective if everyone is motivated to play their part. There is a perception that one’s own behavior can make little or no difference, but it is precisely individuals’ collective actions which makes all the difference. Small changes in individual behavior do equate to significant changes in a group’s behavior.

Starting with basics

  • Switch off artificial lights and use natural light, whenever possible
  • Switch off equipment when not in use (e.g. monitors and printers)
  • Use hibernation feature on all computers when you are away
  • Use energy saving feature of all devices
  • Print only when necessary
  • Maintain AC temperatures between 23 – 25 degrees
  • Avoid elevators and take the Stairs, if possible (start with climbing down the stairs)
  • The last one to leave a room should switch of unnecessary air-conditioning and lights
  • While using water, remember that every drop counts

AZEEL teams

The most effective campaigns in workplaces aren’t just spearheaded by one person. Instead, many if not all employees will work together to make a huge impact. That’s where we will focus and make teams. The teams will also be able to tackle the energy conservation requirements while motivating and educating the fellow employees. fellow employees.

AZEEL Power Patrols

Random audits will be conducted across the Hospital. The department heads / location in charges, that receive 100% score during random audits will receive the AZEEL shield. Volunteers are invited to nominate themselves for being part of the AZEEL Power Patrols 

AZEEL Scavenger hunts

All the employees would love to have some fun while they are at work.  If the energy saving initiatives are boring, staff will consider it to be just extra workload. They will prefer to stay away from those initiatives and mind their own business. In scavenger hunt, a team takes an hour to search for something where the business is leaking energy — a leaking tap, computers that stay on too long, a room where lights are on, with no-one inside etc. The team with maximum findings will be awarded

AZEEL Poster making competition

We will hold a competition among employees to create funny posters on energy saving methods to use around the hospital. These posters will be professionally printed and displayed at strategic locations for everyone to see. These posters will give our employees a feeling that they have contributed to our Hospital, even if it’s just one poster.

Innovation and interventions from Engineering Department

  • Installation of Solar Panels
  • Introducing Absorption Chillers
  • Switching to LED lights and other energy efficient appliances
  • Use of motion detector lights
  • RO water Recirculation

The total estimated annual saving from AZEEL project is aimed at 15% +. This program is also dedicated to employee engagement and will help not only in improving the culture of ‘saving’, but also improving our accountability and ownership.