Dr. Dalia Nagui Rizk

Designation:Specialist, Psychiatry

Dr. Dalia Nagui Rizk completed doctorate degree in Psychiatry from Alexandria University, Egypt. She has a Master degree in Neuroscience from University of Bordeaux, France. She is a fellow of Marseille AIX II University, France with a Diploma in Advanced Clinical Psychiatry (DFMSA). She is also a fellow and Diplomate from the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, USA.

 Dr. Dalia Nagui Rizk’s work experience spans 10 years in Alexandria University, Egypt where she has served in various capacities namely as a House Officer, Resident doctor for Neuropsychiatry and as a Consultant, Psychiatry. In addition, she has worked as a Specialist, Psychiatrist in one of the prominent Hospitals and a medical centre in Dubai, UAE for 2 years.

Dr. Dalia Nagui Rizk’s areas of expertise are Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy for Adults and Adolescents, Psychiatric illnesses.  She is also expert in dealing with mental health problems in women such as personality problems, eating disorders, sex and marital problems and perinatal problems. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for mood disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar and anxiety disorders. She is also accredited from Linehan Institute, USA as Dialectical Behavioral Therapist (DBT) for Borderline Personality disorder.

Dr. Dalia Nagui Rizk is a member of American Psychiatric Association, Fellow & Diplomate of American Board of Medical Psychotherapists & Psychodiagnosticians (ABMPP), Egyptian Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Egyptian Association of Group Therapy, Early Career Psychiatry Section of World Psychiatry Association (WPA), Asian Federation of Early Career Psychiatrists, Egyptian Psychiatric Association and Fellow of Linehan Institute/BRTC, University of Washington, USA

Dr. Dalia has been a regular speaker in national and international conferences and has multiple publications in international medical journals.

Dr. Dalia Nagui Rizk speaks Arabic, English and French

Dr. Dalia Nagui Rizk - Interview on MBC TV