Dr. Wissam Joseph Jarrouche

Designation:Specialist (A), Prosthodontics

Dr. Wissam graduated from Dental School in 1986 and the Lebanese University as Dental Surgeon. He received his Masters Studies in Paris- Lyon, France (1990) along with many diplomas including CES Dental materials (1991), CES Fixed Prosthesis and CES Maxillo-Facial Prosthesis (1992), DU Maxillo Facial Prosthesis (1993), CES Removable partial denture and CES Removable complete denture (1994-1995), DSO (PhD) Prosthetics (2004), and an Implant Diploma from Zimmer Institute, Switzerland (2008).

Dr. Wissam has had a Private Clinic in Beirut (1986 – 2003) while also working as a Dental Consultant at Lariboisiere Hospital (Paris) & Dental School - Paris VII Garanciere Clinic Instructor (1990 – 1993). He was a Senior Instructor in Prosthetics at the Dental School of the Lebanese University (1994 – 2003), and holds the position of Senior Consultant at Al Zahra Hospital Dental Department in Sharjah (2003- Present).

Dr. Wissam has a special interest in Crowns, Veneers - luminers, dentures, implants, TMJ problems, whitening, laser treatment and all aesthetic dentistry.

His area of expertise are:

• Crowns, Veneers - lumineers, dentures, and implants 

• Tongue, Mouth, and Jaw problems 

• Whitening, laser treatment and all aesthetic dentistry

Dr. Wisam speaks Arabic, English and French.

Dr Wissam Joseph Jarrouche - Interview on Monte Carlo Radio