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• Transcribe medical dictation to provide permanent record of patient care, i.e. Operative Reports, Consultation Reports, Discharge Summaries, and Radiology etc.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the medico-legal implications and responsibilities related to the transcription of patient records to protect the patient and the hospital.
• Operate the designated word processing, dictation and transcription equipment as directed to complete assignments.
• Expand job related knowledge and skills to improve performance and adjust to change.
• Coordinate with the file room supervisor to act as a back-up medical records file room clerk to ensure smooth functioning of the medical records request and retrieval processing.
• Responsible to collect, analyze and report appropriate statistical data.

• Collect parent’s information for completion of birth notification for new born as per MOH requirement. 
• Perform other duties and tasks within the realm of his/her knowledge and ability as required.
• Answer patients’ queries and ensure quality customer service.
• Coordinate with nursing department and effectively providing secretarial services in the wards.


• Bachelor’s Degree
• Successful completion of a recognized medical transcription training program preferred.

• Minimum two (2) years of experience as a medical secretary in a Healthcare facility



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Manages Claims Submission by checking accuracy of CPT and ICD Coded Invoices. Rectifies errors in billing in coordination with Doctors.


Bachelor's Degree preferably in Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy will be preferred.


Minimum 2 years in Hospital in similar working role preferred.


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Registered nurse is responsible to work with critically-ill patients and traumatic patients in the emergency room of Al Zahra Hospital. Registered Nurse acts as the primary patient advocate and maintains vigilant watch over patients in the emergency room. The position has the responsibility for performing nursing assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care rendered to all patients admitted in the emergency room. Registered Nurse is responsible to work as part of a highly skilled and specialized nursing team, ensuring a safe and efficient Patient service. She/He is responsible to perform superior quality care up to Al Zahra Hospital management’s expectations and according to the policies of the hospital.


Patient Care
? Demonstrate on understanding & Utilization of evidence based health care.
? Performs all aspects of nursing care for patients who are to Emergency department in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of health care errors.
? Must have excellent observation skills, able to think critically and to make quick and effective decisions.
? Perform a head-to-toe assessment and re-assessments on patient as per assessment policy.
? Able to perform procedures (not limited to):
• Glucose Monitoring
• Insertion of nasogastric tube
• Gastric lavage
• Catheterizations
• Urinalysis – Urine dipstick
• Paediatric urine collection
• Administration of Enema
• C.T.G.
• Application of bandages, slings
• Oxygen therapy
• Analysis of ABG and Cardiac Enzymes
• Nebulization
• Tepid sponging
• Venipuncture
• End of Life Care
• Suture removal
• Dressings
• IV Cannulation
• Suctioning- Oral/Nasal/Endotracheal
? Able to assist with procedures (not limited to):
• Resuscitation
• Intubation
• Defibrillation-
? Setting joules - Adult/Paediatric
? Preparation/handling paddles              
? Use of Quick combo/ other  Accessories             
• Foreign body removal
• Application of P.O.P
~~• Chest tubes
• Suprapubic catheterization
• Incision and Drainage
• Central line insertion
• Intraoseous needle insertion & injection
• Irrigation of foleys catheter
• Chest tube insertion under water seal drainage
• ABG/VBG Collection
? Able to Monitor:
• Airway
• Breathing
• Circulation
• Level of Consciousness
Demonstrates an understanding of preparation of patient for emergency surgeries.
? Demonstrates an understanding of triage categories and assign patient accordingly.
? Organize assigned duties.
? Accurately monitor and record patient’s condition.
? Adequately assess and re-assess pain as per Pain Assessment Policy.
? Perform patient care responsibilities considering needs specific to the standard of care for patient’s age.
? Report patient’s condition immediately to the medical staff.
? Competent in all aspects of nursing care.
? Document on patient record as per current standards and policies.
? Assist physician with procedures and performs services requiring technical and manual skills.
? Perform routine and advanced nursing procedures / Skills.
? Assist and participate in Ambulance conduction.
? Able to function efficiently in emergency department and relieve other nursing units in the hospital if necessary.
Medication Administration
? Follow hospital policies on Medication administration.
? Safe custody and administration of drugs/narcotics.
? Knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age and weight of the patient and their clinical condition.
? Follow the ten medication rights before administering any medication.
Patient and Family Education
? Communicate appropriate information to patients and their relatives.
? Educate the patient and family regarding the disease, medication, diet, pain management etc. and according to the identified individual need provide educational materials if available.
Maintenance of supplies and equipment
? Perform competency in point of care testing and ensure quality requirements.
? Able to handle all equipment in the unit like (not limited to):
• Nebulizer

~~• Glucometer
• Crash cart
? Ambu bag
? Defibrillator
? Portable oxygen with flow meter
? Suction Machine on crash troley
? Laryngoscope
• Suction Machine/ O2 Cylinder
• Portable ventilator
• ECG Machine
• Infusion Pump
• Syringe pump
• CTG Machine
• I-STAT machine
? Ensure all equipment is maintained in good working order, reporting any fault to Nurse Manager/Engineering.
? Assist in making ward requirements, stock verification and inventories.
? Prevent wastage and misuse of supplies.
Management of Emergencies
? Able to identify medical complications, emergencies and take the appropriate action immediately and to assist Emergency management of patient in the unit as required.
? Conversant and efficient in dealing with emergency procedures, i.e. Fire, cardiac arrest.
? Report of any untoward incident or accident in the hospital premises involving a patient, visitor or staff member.
General Requirements
? Perform duties according to the hospital policies and ministry of health regulations.
? Perform duties within the scope of practice.
? Maintain the infection control principles in everyday practice.
? Maintain the safe working environment.
? Follow the International Patient Safety goals.
? Participate in orientation and guidance of new nursing staff.
? Participate at unit meetings.
? Adhere to dress code.
? Wear identification while on duty, uses computerized punch time system correctly.
? Maintain patient confidentiality at all times.
? Active participation in performance improvement and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities.
? Maintain professional skills.
? Update current practice.
? Attend annual Medication Management and Recertification course.
? Attend all mandatory competencies and refresher courses as and when required.
? Attend and certification of in service educational courses.
? Attend and certification of ACLS /PALS/NRP.


Bachelor Degree in Nursing (BSN).
Minimum 2 years of experience.


Valid MOH license

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The position has the responsibility for performing midwifery assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating midwifery care rendered to obstetrics and gynecology   patients of Ob-Gyne ward/ labour room. Provides nursing care and assists in treatment of obstetrical patients under supervision of obstetrician/RMO’s/ to deliver babies, and instructs patients in prenatal and postnatal health practices. Participates in examination of obstetrical patient, and is assigned responsibility for care, treatment, and assistance in delivering of patient.  Registered Midwife is responsible to work as part of a highly skilled and specialized obstetrical team, ensuring a safe and efficient patient care and delivery.


~~Patient Care
• Able to function efficiently in patient care in Labor room, operation theatre and obs-gyne ward.
• Completes care and safety of allocated patients.
• Organizes assigned duties.
• Develops, implement and evaluate the care plans.
• Accurately monitor & record patient’s condition.
• Performs a head-to-toe assessment and re-assessments on patient as per assessment policy.
• Adequately assess and reassess pain as per pain assessment policy.
• Assumes responsibility for delegation and supervision of midwifery care (direct and indirect), which is relevant to the context and the competence of the person to whom care is delegated.
• Reports any abnormality in patient’s condition immediately to the medical staff.
• Competent in all aspects of prenatal, perinatal and post-natal nursing care.
• Documents on patient record as per current standards and policies.
• Assists obstetrician with procedures and performs services requiring technical and manual skills.
• Ensures to provide high quality, culturally sensitive care during labor, conduct a safe delivery and respond in emergency situation to maximize the health of women and the newborn.
~~Demonstrates an understanding of the physiology of labor
• Recognizes the relevant critical diameters and landmarks of the maternal reproductive anatomy.
• Identifies the signs which indicate onset and progress of labor.
• Identifies the measures to assess fetal and maternal well-being in labor; identifies the signs and indicators of complications.
Demonstrates competency in the skills needed to support the woman during childbirth.
• Promotes normal physiological childbirth.
• Identifies complications or deviations from the normal.
• Implements midwifery care which reduces risk and harm.
• Encourages and respects woman’s preferences throughout labor and delivery, involving the family as requested.
• Recognizes emergency situations and intervenes in a timely manner.
Demonstrates an understanding of the physiology of the puerperium.
• Identifies the normal process of involution and healing following childbirth.
~~• Facilitates the process of lactation and bonding, supporting the mother and infant.
• Recognizes maternal nutritional, physiological and emotional needs and acts accordingly.
• Educates the woman about discomforts of the puerperium and advises on strategies to relieve them.
• Recognizes complications and acts accordingly.
Demonstrates competency in the skills needed to support the woman and her family during the postnatal period.
• Uses the nursing process to plan, implement and evaluate holistic postnatal care in collaboration with the woman and her family.
• Performs focused physical examinations of the mother.
• Initiates and supports uninterrupted (exclusive) breastfeeding.
• Provides support for women who make an informed decision not to breastfeed.
• Counsels and provides education for the woman and her family on reproductive health issues, including sexuality, family planning and bereavement.
Provides safe and effective care of the newborn
• Ensures to provide high quality, comprehensive care for essentially healthy newborn.
• Demonstrates a basic knowledge of the physiology and needs of the newborn.
• Recognizes signs of newborn adaptation to extra-uterine life.
• Identifies factors relevant to infant growth and development.
• Identifies variations in the normal newborn and acts accordingly.
• Implements health promotion and disease prevention strategies.
Demonstrates competency in the skills needed to safely care for the newborn.
• Immediately assesses the newborn’s condition.
• Evaluates the newborn’s condition using the Apgar score at 1 and 5 minutes.
• Performs an initial assessment of the newborn’s appearance and behavior.
• Performs a detailed physical examination of the newborn.
• Positions the newborn for effective breastfeeding.
• Performs interventions to facilitate adaptation to extra-uterine life.
• Recognizes complications and acts accordingly. Initiates emergency measures when necessary.
Promotes the health and well-being of the pregnant woman and the fetus
• Interprets and acts upon information from antenatal assessments.
• Interprets and analyses basic screening laboratory/ultrasound studies.
• Identifies health risk factors and refers care as necessary.
• Uses the nursing process to plan, implement and evaluate antenatal care in collaboration with the woman and her family.
Prepares the woman for labor, birth and parenting.
• Protects, promotes and supports breastfeeding in alignment with current guidelines.
• Educates the woman about the onset and process of labor.


  • Bachelor of Science in Midwifery.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience.


• Valid Ministry of Health (MOH) license.


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• Ensures smooth flow of patients in clinic according to the hospital protocols.
• Ensures patients are charged for used supplies, medication and procedure in the hospital information system.
• Coordinates the telephonic enquiries and inform the concerned person.
• Promotes and displays professional verbal and non-verbal communication and maintain all aspects of confidentiality.
• Arranges follow-up appointments for patients/ Coordinate Insurance approvals for procedures/ investigation.
• Ensures entry of stock for consumable and non-consumable supplies available in the clinic and maintains the stock level accurately.
• Cleaning of equipment.
• Checks CSSD supplies/ equipment/ inventory.
• Maintains general cleanliness and tidiness of the unit.
• Performs duties according to the hospital policies and ministry of health regulations.
• Performs duties within the scope of practice.
• Maintenance of infection control principles in everyday practice.
• Maintenance of safe working environment.
• Follows International Patient Safety goals.
• Participates at unit meetings.
• Reports any untoward incident or accident on the hospital premises involving a patient, visitor or staff member.

Qualification & Experience

  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing.
  • Minimum 1 years of experience
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The applicant must possess at least 5 years of experience as a Registered Nurse with experience in ICU

The candidate must have demonstrated ability to deliver quality patient care and commitment to quality improvement for better health outcomes.She must have demonstrated ability to work in a multidisciplinary team and high level of interpersonal and organizational skills is expected of this role.

The applicant should have qualified Bachelor’s Degree.

The candidate must possess a BLS and ACLS certification authorized by the American Heart Association.

Healthcare accreditation experience will be preferred.

Must posses MOH license 


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JCIA experience is a plus.

Nurses with Bachelor Degree in Nursing with MOH can apply.


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We are in urgent need 



  • With Bachelors in Nursing and MOH license.
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Audiological and Vestibular evaluation of patients who comes to the Audiology Department.


  • Bachelors in Audiology


  • Minimum 3 years


  • Valid MOH license/Eligibility
  • Valid DHA license


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• Organize and perform ultrasonographic examinations in accordance with accepted protocols as directed by the supervising Radiologist. Document high quality images and practice good patient care.
• Check patients identity and examinations required ensuring all examinations are justified.
• Prepare exam room and select appropriate ultrasound equipment to conduct sonography examinations in accordance with infectious disease, sterilization, and patient safety protocols, policies, and procedures.
• Obtain and record patient history including prior test results. Review patient medical history and supporting clinical information. Enter test data and patient information into computer of ultrasound equipment to maintain record of test results.
• Use proper patient positioning tools, devices, equipment adjustment, and ergonomically correct scanning techniques to ensure patient comfort and safety, and to prevent compromised data acquisition and musculoskeletal injury to the sonographer.   Maneuver patients into appropriate position for procedure to obtain the best images.
• Apply independent judgment during the sonography examination to ensure that appropriate anatomical, pathological, and clinical conditions are accurately captured in the examination images.
• Review examination images, synthesize examination results, prepare the preliminary findings and relay findings to Radiologist or Physician.
• Ensure that the sonography examination results meet the facility standards for Quality Assurance before findings are released for interpretation. Follow the guidelines provided by the supervising Radiologist for a particular sonographic examination.
• Maintain ultrasound equipment and supplies. Perform quality control procedures to ensure that the ultrasound equipment operates at optimal levels. Exercise responsibility to ensure that the ultrasound equipment is functioning accurately. Assist the Radiology Manager in maintaining accurate QC logs, service records etc.
• Understand and practice proper use of all equipment; never operates equipment inconsistent with manufacturer’s instruction.
• Ensure the safety and comfort of the patient throughout the examination and provide care appropriate to condition and age of the patient, including neonate, pediatric, adolescent, geriatric and general population.
Other responsibilities of this post include,
• Undertake and perform General Radiography, Bone Mineral Densitometry, Mammography, and Fluoroscopy requested to a high level of Radiographic skill as and when required. Due consideration is to be given to the clinical indication, needs and abilities of the patient when tailoring the examination.
• Check patients identity and examinations required ensuring all examinations are justified and optimized.
• Assess, in consultation with the Radiologist where necessary, the justification for ionizing radiation exposure given in referrals for ionizing radiation examinations, using the ALARA principle as the standard. Where required, resolve insufficiently justified requests for ionizing radiation examinations with the referring clinician and / or the Radiologist. Supervise and assist ~~more junior radiographers in the process when required.
• Assess patients and their clinical requirements to determine appropriate scanning / radiographic techniques.
• Get pregnancy questionnaire consent from female patients of reproductive age and file it for future reference.
• Give instructions to the patients for the examinations to be performed whenever required and ensure that the patient has received the appropriate preparation before starting the procedure. Modify communication / listening technique according to the patient’s abilities and needs, to maximize compliance and obtain a satisfactory imaging outcome. Explain delays, if any.
• Ensure adequate information is available in hand to enable optimum application of procedures.
• Observe and maintain contact with patients during their waiting, examination and post-examination stay in the department.
• Aware of emergency procedures. Assist in any emergency treatment of patients, if necessary, i.e. allergic reaction. Obtain and maintain Basic Life Support (BLS) at all times during the employment in the hospital.
• Perform duties efficiently, effectively and economically in line with best practice and / or as directed by the Management in the provision of a quality service at all times.
• Assist in more complex radiological examinations under the supervision of a Radiologist and senior staff.
• Work effectively as a member of a multidisciplinary team to ensure that an efficient service is provided to patients, for example by sharing specialist knowledge and expertise.
• Prioritize workload in accordance with hospital procedures and guidelines, the severity of a patient condition, clinical urgency and the direct impact on their management. Manage an unpredictable work load effectively, while interacting successfully with fellow health care professionals.
• Liaise with other staff / departments to ensure proper care of patients. Relate to and communicate with all other staff and customers in a courteous and helpful manner at all times.
• Record image identification and patient documentation quickly and accurately and observe protocols to ensure patient confidentiality.
• Assist in monitoring stock and supplies in the department.
• Ensure examination rooms and equipment are prepared for whatever examinations are booked.
• Take part in routine daily inspection of equipment and quality control checks on Ultrasound, X-rays and associated equipment contributing to quality assurance and audit initiatives.
• Maintain a high level of expertise in the safe operation of the equipment and ensure that equipment is regularly checked for malfunctions. Record and report faults in a timely manner either directly to the Radiology Manager or Clinical Specialist within the radiographer’s area of clinical proficiency.
• Be familiar with, and abide by, all Health and Safety Rules and recommendations. Report incidents of injury to yourself or others according to departmental procedures.
• Be familiar with the Hospital’s Major Emergency Plan and Fire Plan. Cooperate fully and participate with/in all health and safety training programmes.
• Identify hazards, assess risks and report same as per hospital policy to relevant personnel and in accordance with individual responsibilities under all Health and Safety legislation and regulations.
• Be aware of, and comply with, national / local radiation safety rules.

• To assist the Radiology Manager and Radiologists in ensuring the provision of effective radiography services to Al Zahra Hospital.


• Bachelor’s Degree in  Diagnostic Radiography or its equivalent
• Postgraduate Certificate in Ultrasonography (preferable).

• Minimum of 2 years relevant experience in ultrasound, mammography and fluoroscopic procedures.


MOH eligibility/DHA license


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